5 Myths You Need To Know About Knee Pain!

Knee pain is getting more common these days, and so are the myths related to this ailment. Yes, the same myths which tend to make your problem worse. Learn here about these misconceptions and the facts concerned to them.

It can be a sudden rupture or an old accident which causes pain in your knees. Nothing such found? Then it might be due to winter season… and there are so many ways people overlook their knee problem.

Not only this, when it comes to knee pain, there is a long list of misconceptions related to their cause, treatment, occurrence, and so on. In case, you have started feeling that tingling pain in your knees recently, or there is someone else in your family, dealing with aching joints, here are top 5 myths debunked to provide a better insight on this health problem;

Myths You Need To Know About Knee Pain!

Myth #1: Over-the-counter pills work best for knee pain

You need to know that over-the-counter pills are not at all medically safe. Hence, it is not even an effective way to deal with your chronic knee pain. Without a doubt, these appeal you for the ease of consuming and the short-term relief they provide, but it too many pills are more dangerous to your health. Reason is simple; most of these pills contain Acetaminophen, the element which contributes to liver damage and other medical problems.

Myth #2: You can pick any type of knee braces

Definitely, not! If you really want something to provide more support and comfort, don’t just go for any run-of-the-mill knee braces. You need custom knee braces which are designed specifically to fit your knee only. You can ask the experts to find a perfect fit and go for your very own custom knee brace(s). These can be adjusted as the patient’s strength and boots movement in effective way.

Myth #3: Ice is the right solution to treat knee pain

In this case, it is true and false, both. How? Actually, placing ice on aching joints will make your knee feel better, but it is a temporarily relief. Along this, ice is known to help reduce swelling in the area of discomfort, which definitely gives short-term relief, but otherwise it won’t actually deliver any healing to your knee discomfort.

Myth #4: Surgery is the only final solution

If you are among those who think that surgery is the everlasting solution to chronic knee pain problems, it’s not true. No doubt surgery can help you significantly with chronic knee pain. But it is highly expensive, invasive, painful and exhausting process. There are many health programs you can consider before you decide to undergo surgery.

Myth #5: You must rest until the pain vanishes

If you think that being on bed rest and avoiding knee movement can help, you need to know it’s totally wrong. Resting your legs might reduce the pain you are experiencing, but in the long-term, it is not a treatment option. Just sitting out is no way to deal with knee pain. And actually you are doing more harm than good. Why?

Inactivity leads to reduction of flexibility and hence making it more difficult for you to get moving in future. And it might lead to more amount of pain in the future. Experts always encourage taking part in functional strength training exercises.



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