5 Stunning Tips from Ayurveda for a Healthy Body and Mind!

If it is asked to define ‘Ayurveda’, it is stated to be the science of life. Found around 5,000 years ago, this holistic system contains a profound knowledge which can be used to understand ourselves, that too within the laws of nature.

Not going too beyond with the terms, what more important is to understand that it can change your life. Yes, this form of science can make you live a healthier and happier life. How? Your answer is somewhere in the 5 amazing ways which ayurveda teaches you. Have a sneak peek:

Start your Day with Warm Water and Lemon:

Start your Day with Warm Water and Lemon

What was the first thing you had in the morning? Bread and butter, a glass of milk or juice, or anything else; it was not a right start. The tip from ayurveda states that you should make a great start of the day with lukewarm water and lemon. The reason being the acidic qualities of lemon boost the regularity, keeping your digestive system free of toxic build-up. It is a great health tip which let things moving through the different channels of the body smoothly. In addition, lemons contain vitamins and minerals which aid the release of toxins.

Cook Fresh, Keep Fresh:

Cook Fresh, Keep Fresh

It could be tiring for you, but it would be great for you and your family. Cooking a fresh meal will show you effective results in few days. In case, you cannot do it always, try to do it as much as possible and strictly avoid processed, canned, frozen or packed foods. Actually, these foods are hard to digest, which built toxins. Moreover, these kinds of foods are generally old and denatured by processing. Several cases have been observed, where harmful ingredients like chemical preservatives were found in these food items. So, make a little effort and eat a fresh, warm food.

Massage your Body, Relax you Mind:

Massage your Body, Relax you Mind

Your skin is thirsty! You might be drinking lots of water and it is really beneficial to keep your skin hydrated. But here it is about the thirst of touch and attention. Give it a pleasant surprise of a warm herbalized oil massage, running your finger gently all over the skin. It could be the best things you have ever done to your body. In fact, your mind will feel pampered and relaxed. Add it to your week routine as it is important to nourish, rehydrate and heal your skin from time to time.

Your Tongue Needs Scraping:

Your Tongue Needs Scraping!

Is your tongue doing fine? No, it is not a weird question. It was meant to bring your attention towards your tongue’s health. Ayurveda states that there is a lot that one can learn about what’s going on in their bodies. All by just simply noticing the characteristics of their tongue! Isn’t that great that a body with healthy organs will show up pretty pink and on the other hand, a body with clogged organs will show up with a layer of fuzz, film, etc. Along this, there is something great you can do to your heath with minimum efforts. Just scrape off those toxins from your tongue. Bring home a tongue scraper which is available at most of the health food stores. Do it gently, working from back to front. Put 14-15 strokes to make it clean and clear.

A Glass of Milk can Help:

A Glass of Milk can Help!

The daily schedule makes it tiring for you and most of the times, you return home completely exhausted. It is understood that you cannot let your work go, but what about your health? Luckily, ayurveda has a short solution. Make it a habit, at the end of a tiring day when nothing seem to work, just relax for few minutes and close your eyes. Drink a glass of warm milk, make sure it organic and free of additives. For better results, you can boil it with a pinch of cardamom.

Besides, the above stated tips, ayurvedic physicians also emphasize on the value of good sleep. Hence, try to take complete rest and rise with the sun in morning!

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