Arthritis & Work from Home— Maintaining a Balanced Routine

Although May marks the beginning of arthritis awareness month in the US every year, this seems like a perfect opportunity to shed light on arthritis among adults globally especially during times like these when everyone has to work from home. In the end, it is important to provide the right arthritis-related information to everyone and practice what is preached, in this case— informed.Arthritis is a painful joint disorder that intervenes with a person’s ability to perform daily tasks like walking, standing, or merely sitting because of severe joint inflammation. Disability increases with time and it could result in a debilitating health condition. By spreading awareness about arthritis, you are enlightening yourself about the warning symptoms, causes, preventive measures, and treatment options.

A major cause of this painful joint disorder is a sedentary lifestyle which the pandemic has forced us to lead. The silver lining here is that to defeat this joint disorder, all you need to do is quit the sedentary lifestyle and break the monotony. We should believe things will get back to normal, but more importantly, we must make sure we are at our best selves to enjoy the new normal. This is only possible through awareness. On this note, take a look at the tell-tale signs (of) and possible preventive measures for arthritis.

Early Signs of Arthritis 

  • Morning stiffness

If you are suffering from the stiffness that lasts for several minutes in the morning, it is an indicator of arthritis.  Without proper treatment and prevention, it could worsen with time.

  • Fatigue

Working from home and doing your routine domestic chores could tire you for some time. A busy schedule results in exhaustion. However, extreme fatigue that stays for days or weeks could be an early sign of arthritis.

  • Joint pain

It is the most common sign of arthritis and one should be careful in observing one. If it is followed by joint tenderness or stiffness, it is a clear sign of arthritis; the most common sites being wrists and fingers.

  • Fever

Monitor yourself if you have mild fever along with other symptoms. Body temperature that records more than 100°F (38°C) could also be a sign of infection in this day and age. Nevertheless, it would be best to monitor your health.

  • Numbness

Inflammation and common flare-ups can put pressure on your nerves. This results in tingling, numbness, and a burning feeling in your hand. Also, if you hear slight crackling or squeaking noise in your joints, you should get it checked.

  • Unnoticeable Signs

There are some other signs and symptoms of arthritis that seem harmless but are indications of arthritis-

  • Dry mouth
  • Weight loss
  • Chest pain
  • Eye discharge
  • General weakness
  • Loss of appetite

How to Balance Your Work from Home Life?

The routines might seem different now and it could also disrupt your daily regime. As abnormal as it seems, it can work in your favor if you balance it accordingly. Especially, if you are prone to arthritis, you need to keep your routine structured. Take a look-

  • Make sure there is an end to your work. Just because you are in your comfort zone, doesn’t imply that you have to needlessly take up more work. It would only strain your wrists, fingers, and joints. Make sure to physically end your day or ask a family member to switch off your system after a given time.
  • Stay connected with your friends and colleagues through zoom calls. Catch up with them and initiate positive conversations that keep you uplifted throughout the day.
  • Look for communities that help people deal with arthritis. Talking and conversing about at-home care and treatment with like-minded people will help you through this phase.
  • Invest in a comfortable chair and desk, as someone vulnerable to arthritis, you must make your joint health a priority. Place your system at an adequate height so that you don’t strain your neck, shoulder, wrist, or fingers.
  • Make sure you are not working from your bed or slouching on the recliner. It seems the comfortable option at first, but it only leads to joint pain and stiffness.
  • Don’t forget to take regular breaks, make sure to walk for five minutes every hour. Do not sit or slouch for long hours. If your work keeps you occupied, do gentle stretching from time to time.
  • Another great idea to remain active while working is to walk while you get a phone call.
  • Take out time for your family, and most importantly, yourself. Do light exercises or Yoga; either of which seems easier and manageable for you.
  • Often a common habit while working from home, which seems harmless at first, is to prefer take-outs over home-cooked food. Don’t break the routine. Cook for yourself; plan and prepare nutritious meals, rich in protein and vitamins. Most importantly, eat on time.
  • While you follow all the above tips, make sure to keep your doctor informed about your routine, diet, and activities.

During these unprecedented times, another challenge like arthritis is not the easiest way to spend your days working from home. Nevertheless, your safety is in your hands, being home might safeguard you from COVID-19 but being home and following the tips mentioned above would help you take care of arthritis while you work from home.

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