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How to Cure Arthritis and Joint Pain through Natural Remedies

With over a hundred different types and related diseases, arthritis is a health condition that induces a lot of pain and joint inflammation. Arthritis affects over 180 million people in India; this means that the prevalence of this disease is much higher than many well-known diseases such as AIDS, diabetes, and cancer. This constitutes almost 15% of the entire population. The lasting stiffness, damage, and joint pain can be challenging. While modern treatments do work to reduce inflammation and eliminate disease progression, nothing works as good as natural therapies, giving results that stay for life. Since medication and conventional treatments only give instant results, natural remedies work to nip the evil in the bud.

The following natural remedies can be used to treat joint pain and arthritis. These Remedies don’t even have any side effects.

Meditative exercises

Now when we say meditation, this includes all kinds of meditative breathing exercises that will calm you through low impact exercises. Mindfulness meditation and yoga, if practiced, can heal a lot of health ailments. With arthritis, there are a lot of complications that include stress, depression, anxiety, and pain.

We also recommend Tai chi, It is another effective low impact exercise, and it includes gentle, slow movements of the body to enhance flexibility, balance, and muscle strength. Don’t underestimate the power of breathing and meditation to cure health ailments like arthritis. Although it depends on the severity of the disease, meditative exercises would help a lot with the pain and discomfort that comes with arthritis.


Herbal Supplements

Although herbal supplements are not subjected to scientific scrutiny, they are also not mandatory regulated as medications. Ayurvedic supplements can be used to reduce joint pain and, to an extent, treat arthritis. There are no risks concerning health supplements; the most it could do is not make any difference.

Herbs like Ashwagandha, Shilajit, and Shudhguggul are proven healers.

Herbal supplements can cure ailments like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and Rheumatoid arthritis. They have the power to cure weak joint flexibility. Along with that, they can also build up the weak ligaments, not to forget, reduce joint pain and inflammation.

Weight management

Do you know that every 500 g of weight that you gain equates to almost 1.5 KG added stress on your joints, knees, feet, and hips. If you have osteoporosis or osteoarthritis, it is highly recommended that you avoid obesity or even being slightly overweight. Increased weight leads to added pressure the possibility of cartilage between the joints to break down quickly that worsens osteoarthritis. Consult your doctor to help you set a target weight and curate a weight loss program for you so that you can reach your ideal weight. Once you lose your weight, you will immediately see the results by witnessing decreased pain, improved mobility, and eliminating potential damage to the joints.



Regular massaging the joints can help ease the pain that derives from arthritis. Massaging the joints, upper limbs, feet can help you improve the condition. Although it would be suggested that you use Ayurvedic massage oil and get yourself a moderate pressure massage as light pressure massage will not work for the body when it comes to curing arthritis. Massage does have a history of reducing the level of cortisol hormone, which is also known as the stress hormone. This would lead to body withstanding pain in a much better way. Also, it would lead to improved serotonin levels and your mood. However, it is not proven that it will cure arthritis. But massages also boost a sense of well-being overall that has indirect benefits. Instead of getting a massage from a family member or your caregiver, it is recommended that you consult a massage therapist or a physiotherapist for the right therapeutic massage.


By now, you must be aware of how important it is to manage your weight when dealing with arthritis. So it becomes all the more important to get enough exercise to keep your joints flexible, strengthen your joint muscles to give you more support. Make sure you have the right trainer with you to keep you involved in low impact exercises Like cycling, walking, swimming, etc. Water activities or aquatic exercises can be very effective for people dealing with arthritis. Exercise intensity increases with aquatic exercises as water provides resistance. Again, it is about strengthening the body and the joints, and it is about long-term health goals rather than curing a disease. Aquatic exercises would help you with improved body coordination, improved mood, less body fat, and quality of life.

Balance diet

It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, whether it is arthritis or extreme joint pain. You must consume a diet that is rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole foods. This would enhance your immune system and improve your overall health. Remember, your dietary choices are your lifestyle choices. The intake of a plant-based diet should be increased. It provides you with antioxidants, which would ultimately lead to a reduction in inflammation, and also decrease the number of free radicals in the body. Processed foods, processed fat, red meat, sugar, and salt must be reduced.

To sum up, it is important to understand that we need to focus on improving our lifestyle by choosing healthier options. Arthritis, although very painful and challenging, can be controlled and also cured by a WHO Certified Natural Supplement for joint pain with no side effects.

5 Perfect Gifts For All The Arthritis Sufferers On Your List

It’s very hard to find the ideal gift for the people suffering from Arthritis. Would it be a good idea for you to search for a handy gift or a fun gift? What might be commonly valued? A gift that makes things simpler, offers comfort, or relaxation is perfect for somebody with arthritis.

These days, there are a lot of tools that can make life somewhat easier. But, all you need is to inquire before buying that is it suitable for all kinds of arthritis like- rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and  osteoarthritis.


RA is a condition that can hit people at any age, including kids, teens, and young adults. RA is an immune system disease that requires serious treatment to avoid joint decimation. And, osteoarthritis is caused by lifelong wear and tear on joints.

Don’t Worry! Here we listed 5 gifts that are perfect for the arthritis sufferers on your list. Take a look;

The Paraffin Bat

The Paraffin Bath

This is the most successful healing product for painful and swollen hands or feet with layers of warm, liquefied paraffin treatment. The paraffin can be purchased scented or unscented, that quickly solidifies and sends calming heat deep into the joints. And, makes the skin very soft after the process.

Warmed Mattress Pads

Warmed Mattress Pads

Arthritis of any type can cause serious pain in the spine, neck, and lower back, so a warmed electric bedding cushion is an attentive gift. Who wouldn’t appreciate creeping into a comfortable, warm bed on a crisp winter night? To pick the best warmed sleeping cushion, make sure to search for extra padding so that you don’t feel the strings.

Hot and Cold Knee Wrap

Hot and Cold Knee Wrap

Different types of arthritis, including RA and osteoarthritis, can bring about knee pain and firmness. In this way, by gifting your friends and family a hot and cold knee wrap can be a perfect solution to keep their knee moving. For hot or cool treatment help, you can either make it chill in the refrigerator, or heat the pack in the microwave.

A Cutting Board with Spikes

A cutting board with spikes

If your friend or any family member whom you wanted to gift, love to cook food, then nothing is better than a cutting board. It has spikes in the middle to hold the food being cut and diced in place. These cutting boards with spikes are affordable and the amazingly supportive way to guarantee that arthritis patients will cherish the moment while cutting food and cooking!

A Set of Jewelry

A set of jewelry

People who are suffering from arthritis in their hands, might experience difficulties while wearing necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. A jewelry helper kit can contain such things like, bracelets, earring stabilizers, magnetic jewelry clasps, and different tools that can help getting spruced up for the parties easier for people living with arthritis pain.

So, by gifting something out of these coolest Arthritis gifts, you can make your loved one’s life easier and comfortable!




5 Myths You Need To Know About Knee Pain!

Knee pain is getting more common these days, and so are the myths related to this ailment. Yes, the same myths which tend to make your problem worse. Learn here about these misconceptions and the facts concerned to them.

It can be a sudden rupture or an old accident which causes pain in your knees. Nothing such found? Then it might be due to winter season… and there are so many ways people overlook their knee problem.

Not only this, when it comes to knee pain, there is a long list of misconceptions related to their cause, treatment, occurrence, and so on. In case, you have started feeling that tingling pain in your knees recently, or there is someone else in your family, dealing with aching joints, here are top 5 myths debunked to provide a better insight on this health problem;

Myths You Need To Know About Knee Pain!

Myth #1: Over-the-counter pills work best for knee pain

You need to know that over-the-counter pills are not at all medically safe. Hence, it is not even an effective way to deal with your chronic knee pain. Without a doubt, these appeal you for the ease of consuming and the short-term relief they provide, but it too many pills are more dangerous to your health. Reason is simple; most of these pills contain Acetaminophen, the element which contributes to liver damage and other medical problems.

Myth #2: You can pick any type of knee braces

Definitely, not! If you really want something to provide more support and comfort, don’t just go for any run-of-the-mill knee braces. You need custom knee braces which are designed specifically to fit your knee only. You can ask the experts to find a perfect fit and go for your very own custom knee brace(s). These can be adjusted as the patient’s strength and boots movement in effective way.

Myth #3: Ice is the right solution to treat knee pain

In this case, it is true and false, both. How? Actually, placing ice on aching joints will make your knee feel better, but it is a temporarily relief. Along this, ice is known to help reduce swelling in the area of discomfort, which definitely gives short-term relief, but otherwise it won’t actually deliver any healing to your knee discomfort.

Myth #4: Surgery is the only final solution

If you are among those who think that surgery is the everlasting solution to chronic knee pain problems, it’s not true. No doubt surgery can help you significantly with chronic knee pain. But it is highly expensive, invasive, painful and exhausting process. There are many health programs you can consider before you decide to undergo surgery.

Myth #5: You must rest until the pain vanishes

If you think that being on bed rest and avoiding knee movement can help, you need to know it’s totally wrong. Resting your legs might reduce the pain you are experiencing, but in the long-term, it is not a treatment option. Just sitting out is no way to deal with knee pain. And actually you are doing more harm than good. Why?

Inactivity leads to reduction of flexibility and hence making it more difficult for you to get moving in future. And it might lead to more amount of pain in the future. Experts always encourage taking part in functional strength training exercises.



4 Reasons To Start With Winter Walk- Don’t Be Lazy!

Have you been missing morning walk from few days, just due to winter season? The health benefits of walking include improving balance, strengthening bones, lowering blood pressure, weight maintenance, and much more. Find out some reasons to start it with smile once again.

As soon as the winter weather rolls around, you know that it is right time to stock up on the basics. It includes a number of things, ranging from the heap of warm clothes to the special herbs and spices, to keep you fit and healthy. However, do you know that there is something which you often miss out, but it can do wonders to your health in winter days?

It is none other than having a regular winter walk.

Yes, you read it right- a winter walk. While the idea might not sound so appealing, but if you really crave good health, you need to add it to your routine. Want some more reasons to start with? Let’s give you some here;

Better Breathing!

Profile of a couple of man and woman breathing deep fresh air together at sunset

You already know that you get cleaner air in the morning. Moreover, as compared to the spring and summer months, winter brings forth less of bad air quality and high ozone levels. So, when you step out for a walk, all you get crisp and clean quality of cold air. Without a doubt, the cold weather makes this time of year the best one to be out in nature, enjoy long walks and have deeper breaths of fresh air.

Mental Health Benefits!


Having walk help improve subjective well-being and it is seriously good for your mental health. In a study, it was found that walking for 30 minutes a day helps replacing antidepressants. It helps people with their moods and also improves sleep quality and quantity.

Stronger Bones!


Without a doubt, Vitamin D is highly important part to keep your bones strong. So, if you have 15 minutes of walk in sun in winters, it leads to enough of Vitamin D production. Actually, sun exposure triggers vitamin D production in both, bones and skin. Hence, don’t forget to take the advantage of every sunny winter day, and go for a brisk walk.

Replace Aerobics!


As per the expert’s advice, you need to have 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise per week. Do you know that you can exceed it simply by walking briskly for 30 minutes every day? Yes, it is a simple and easier alternate to aerobic exercise.

Lastly, if you still fear of walking in the winter, you need to know that it can be a safe and enjoyable experience. All you need to dress correctly and be prepared for the weather. Let the crisp cold air clear your mind, reduce stress, and help you with several health benefits.

5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Bones in Healthy State!

Winters are at peak, and therefore, it’s high time to do something about strengthening your immunity. Here it is worth noticing that cold weather doesn’t have to bring only cold and flu. In fact, there are many problems you might not be aware of. One of them is joint pain.

You already know that a healthy set of bones provides a good structure to the body and along this it protects the internal organs. But in order to enjoy strong bones, you need to be attentive and add certain key nutrients like potassium, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, beta-carotene, and protein. While there are many healthy foods which help you achieve healthy and strong bones, there are some tips you need to check for minimizing the chances of inflammation, achy joints, arthritis and other bone-related health problems. Find them here:


Go for more calcium: Being one of the essential nutrients, calcium is required in appropriate amount to keep your bones healthy and strong. For this, you can count on milk. Without a doubt, it is the best sources of calcium and easily available. Just having two glasses of skim, low fat and cream fills up adequate supplement of calcium.

Add Omega-3 fatty acids: Do you know adding food items like small fish bones and flesh can provide lot healthy nutrition for bones? Yes, reasons being these are high in calcium, vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acid. You can pick sardines and salmon, as these two are best fishes which provide an array of nutrients to strengthen bones.

Increase Vitamin D: For strong bones not only you need calcium, but also there are other important elements like vitamin D. So, add food items rich in vitamin D, like in eggs.

Consume less salt: You need to understand the reason behind it. Actually, salt deprives calcium from your body and having too much of it removes calcium from urine. Hence, experts state that salt is essential for bones, having iodine, but bones become sore when intake is too much. It is therefore required to reduce the consumption of salt in your diet.

Switch to dry fruits: This is best when taken in breakfast. Yes, having healthy snacks during the start of your days can help improve your bone health in different ways. While peanuts and almonds are rich in protein, they are of great use in bone-building. Moreover, you can count on walnut and flaxseed has omega-3 fatty acid.

So, if you really wish to maintain a good posture, body balance and strength in the long run, you need to follow these tips for sure. Besides, you can also add some healthy and natural supplements to your regime. For example, Jod Rakshak, a perfect blend of herbs which make your bones stronger in the natural way. Stay healthy!




4 Simple Ways to Prevent Knee, Wrist and Ankle Joint Pain

The pain in your joints cannot be overlooked. Yes, in the recent years the problem has become more common and it calls for your attention greatly. Hence, if you are suffering from knee, wrist or ankle joint pain, here is something useful for you. Read on.

If it is about that little pain occurring in your joints now and then, and you are ignoring it, you better not. This joint pain which is nagging you now, and which you think will leave on its own, can be haunting for your life.

Today, aching joints are common among people of all age groups, then whether it is about the small children, adults or the elderly. There are many other diseases which are the source of joint pain. And it can be an indication of underlying health problems such as rheumatoid arthritis and several other autoimmune diseases. Here are some essential tips to save you from the pain and its consequences;

Wrist and Ankle Joint Pain

Look for the cause…

With increasing numbers of younger adults dealing with joint troubles, things are becoming more complex. It is a matter to worry why younger people are seeking help of physiotherapy treatment for arthritic joints. A large number of people are complaining about the shoulder problems. Experts believe it to be due to a poor posture and increased sitting hours in front of computers, laptops, smart phones.

Do you know poor postural position can lead to degenerative changes in the joint like excess bony growth, cartilage damage and tendon tears? In such as case, it is vital to protect the joints and add up a nutritious and healthy diet, along with regular exercises. Meanwhile, it is must to avoiding sitting all the daylong and adopting a good posture.

Never overlook niggles…

In several studies it was found that the problems can often get worse when pain is not treated properly and quickly. It is all due to the ignorance you show to those troublesome niggles. Hence, if you have been waiting for the pain to go away by itself or looking for the moment when you’re in constant agony, and cannot make a move properly, you are causing a threat to your joint’s health.

You need to seek an expert’s advice, count on a local physiotherapist and get the symptoms checked. Adding few exercises to the routine or simple workplace adjustment can be helpful in curing the problem significantly.

Joint-friendly supplements…

Whatever goes inside your body plays a major role for your joints health too. It includes everything ranging from a balanced diet, enriched with plenty of proteins, vitamins, minerals, iron, and calcium. For additional protection, you can count on supplements like Jod Rakshak. It is a pure herbal and natural solution to keep bones and soft tissues in good knick.

Adding warm up to your regime…

You already know that exercising is vital for keeping your body, including joints, healthy. But warming-up is incredibly important. While it helps increasing blood flow to muscles and joints, it will allow generation of heat into the paining areas. Hence, the joints will move more freely. So, if you are lacking it, don’t forget to add it in your routine.

Last note; when you are a victim to joint pain, there are some early symptoms which will indicate towards the upcoming problem. It is required to understand your body signals and start with the treatment at the very early stage to avoid complications.


6 Surprising Ways To Keep Winter Joint Pains Away!

Moving towards the end of the year, winter season is here to make you freeze. While the cold weather brings forth a number of ailments, the most common these days is aching joints. These winters keep away from pain following some simple solutions. Read on.

You might love winter season for many reasons, but do you know that this cold weather can be harmful for your joints. Yes, stats have proved that people are more prone to joint pains in this season. Actually, it is the drop in temperature which doubles the problem.

Do you know wintertime can even make simple walking difficult for some? But that doesn’t mean you need to dread getting out of bed in fear of the pain. Below are listed some essentials things to do in the cold days and prevent joint pain. Have a look;

A balanced Diet: For healthy joints, having a balanced diet is a must. In chilled winter days, ensure the diet you take comprises of more fiber and refined carbs. Also lower down the saturated fat and lean proteins to improve body functions during the colder days. Don’t forget to add vegetables like carrots and cucumbers to your diet. Having diuretic properties these are helpful in eliminating the waste products from the body.


Keep your Body Hydrated: Drinking plenty of water daily in winters is as important as it is in summer days. And by staying hydrated it is not about having coffee whole day. Water intake helps to reduce winter aches and pains significantly. It is essential to keep the cartilage between joints well lubricated, and yes it reduces friction too.


Healthy and Natural Supplement: It is not about those steroidal or anti-inflammatory drugs, like aspirin and ibuprofen. While these might reduce inflammation and pain for the time being, but when it comes to long term results, they will leave you with side effects. The alternate and better way out to go for natural health supplements. For example, Jod Rakshak which is formulated with the best herbal ingredients, and work on all sorts of aching joints. It is one of the best and cost effective ways to keep joint pain at bay.


Exercise: It is the lack of exercise which leads to increase in pain in winter season. Being colder outside, you tend to stay in-house majorly. But sitting inside will not help you and you need to incorporate exercises into your routine. Reason being, it increases blood circulation and which has a long lasting effect on joint pain. Moreover, exercises keep your muscles strong, which is certainly helpful in treating arthritic pain.


Wear Knee Supports: Well, this one depends from person to person. If you feel your joints require support, you can consult your doctor, and if he recommends proper knee support, you can go for it. It is effective to keep your knee in place and stable.


Physiotherapy: If you have been following a healthy diet, and still experience high levels of pain, it is advised to run to a physiotherapist. These experts can help ease you into movements. Having the right expertise and experiences, they work on reducing pain and building strength, while monitoring you properly.


So, if you have noticed those aches and pains in your knees or elbows worsen with the arrival of winters, following up with the above stated tips will be helpful. Be careful and keep warm!

5 Joint Pain Herbal Remedies: Solution from the Nature’s Store

Herbal remedies for joint pain are not popular unnecessarily. There is a big reason behind! These are safe to use and bring forth the richness of the herbs in an unadulterated form. Let’s explore some natural herbs to keep your joints fit.

Have you ever paid attention to your joints to just know how dependent you are on them for every movement? Yes, joints are essential for all your activities, but somehow they are incredibly under-appreciated. You need to understand that life without joints is difficult, in fact next to impossible. Hence, caring for them is must as it has a huge impact on how comfortable you live.

Now when it is about caring, there is a lot you need to do. Ranging from the regular exercises to an appropriate diet, you have to put greater efforts to keep your joints healthy. Meanwhile, ayurveda- an ancient Indian system of medicine has something more to offer. Since ages, herbal remedies using the inherent power of different herbs have been used to treat pain in joints. Here is a list of some herbs trusted for joint health;

Emblica Officinalis (Amalaki):


Being a natural antioxidant, usage of this herb removes free radicals from the body and boost regeneration of cells. Simply increasing the body’s vitality, it strengthens immunity and keeps away blood related disorders in a natural way. The other major benefit of adding this herb to your routine is that it nourishes bones and teeth. Carrying -tonic, anti-diabetic, aphrodisiac, antipyretic, cardio cerebral and gastrointestinal properties, it can be used for good bone health.

Commiphora Mukul (Guggul):


It is well-known for its highly potent rejuvenating and revitalizing properties. Moreover, it has purifying and lipid- regulating properties. Hence, it is advised to the people with lower hemoglobin level. It has proved its versatility by showing positive effects in treating problems like arthritis, pre-menstrual syndrome, bloating and many more. While it boosts the levels of HDL cholesterol, it also offers antioxidant properties and promotes the metabolism.

Tinospora (Giloy):


Basically, it is an immune moderator and stands for elixir for long span life. Being highly effective in treating auto-immune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and gout, it is nowadays a major ingredient of all popular joint aid capsules.

Terminalia Chebula (Haritaki):


This one comes with wonderful health benefits. It helps anemia which occurs due to hemoglobin deficiency or red blood cell deficiency, and acts well in gastrointestinal ailments.

Agate (Akki Pishti):


One of the natural stores of calcium, agate is a wonderful heart tonic. Widely used for treating severe cases of heart and cardiac diseases, this rich in natural calcium herb renders wonderful results in osteoporosis and other low calcium states.

While these herbs work in their respective ways on pain, the herbal solutions like JOD Rakshak present the best combination to improve immunity, provide strength and enhance endurance, altogether. So, why go for any unsafe, chemical-based compositions when you have a safer option!

5 Exercises To Help Relieve Joint Pain- Try Out!

Do you know that there are certain exercises which can relieve you significantly when you are suffering from arthritis? Yes, you can skip those heavy and expensive doses of medicines, and say good bye to joint pain with these 5 familiar exercises. Read on.

More than 180 million people in India are dealing with arthritis. Isn’t the number really big!

In fact, osteoarthritis, which was known to be a disease of the elderly, i.e. was common among those above the age of 65, now affects over 15 million Indians each year in India alone. And it is increasingly being diagnosed in younger people in the age group of 35 – 55. Hence, if you are having difficulty in climbing stairs or you feel a sudden stiffness or pain after sitting for a long period, don’t ignore it. There are good chances that you could be having arthritis.

And it’s not something which is now limited to the older people only. Due to changing lifestyle, hectic working pattern, lack of exercise and proper diet, the severity of joint pain is particular on the rise. Another myth associated with joint pain is that you have to leave exercise behind and rest out completely. Well, this is not right absolutely!

There exist plenty of exercises to improve your health and fitness, without causing pain. Have a sneak peek at some of them here;

Slow Cycling:

Slow Cycling

Have you ever thought how helpful pedal and spin could be for you joints? Yes, for the people with arthritis, a smoother motion of cycling is something which significantly minimizes the jolting. However, here is a restriction; if you are affected with rheumatoid arthritis, this is not for you. In all other cases, slow biking helps you condition your body for several other types of exercise. Go for it!

Yoga and Tai Chi:

Yoga and Tai Chi

In case of an aching joint, the surrounding muscles are affected too. This often results in impairment of coordination, balance, position awareness, and also increases the risk of falling. Here you can count on yoga and tai chi. These are simple forms of exercises which will help you with improved body awareness. While it boosts the increase coordination and balance, it offers better sense of joints position and relaxation.



It is important to consider strengthening and improving control of muscles. This can be done simply with the help of pilates.  Especially, for the muscles which influence your posture. It has proved to manage the pain and coping up with the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.



When it is about paining joints, water serves to be a perfect place to stretch your muscles and soothe your joints. Thus, you can hit the pool without any fear for an aerobic workout. You can swim laps or just try a water aerobics class. And not to forget swimming along with other types of aerobic exercise, helps cutting down on those extra pounds.  In fact, it’s good for overall health.

Weights can be helpful:

Weights can be helpful

The reason is simple, stronger your muscles are, lesser the strain will be on your joints. Experts believe that having pain in joints doesn’t mean you need to fear from weights. It is a great way boost muscle mass and makes joints stronger. You can experiment with free weights, resistance bands, and weight machines. And then slowly you can increase your intensity.

Actually, all these exercises strengthen the muscles around joints, which further help maintaining the bone strength. Hence, if you are suffering from joint pain and you perform any of these, you will experience enhanced vitality and rejuvenation.

4 Joint- Pain Myths Debunked!

Joint pain can occur at any point in your life. It can be due to an injury or may be due to some other reason. You will easily find a number of cures, including both, herbal and non- herbal remedies. And in a similar ways you will a number of myths related to joint paint. Let’s find out some of them here.

You might have heard different stories of different people suffering from joint pains. While some of you assume it to be a health condition which arises with your growing age, to others it can be due to an injury. But most of the times, people overlook this pain merely for a reason that they are surrounded by several myths. Yes, people are less known to the facts.

Here is the list of some common myths related to joint pain which you must know;

Myth #1: Diet has no Effect on the Joint Pain:

 joint pain

If you think you diet doesn’t affect your pain, you are wrong. Definitely, there are foods which can help manage arthritis pain, and there are few to increase your pain. Inflammation, which is said to major culprit in arthritis, can be controlled with a proper diet. You can add up inflammation fighting foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, olive oil, and so on. These have been known to help eliminating arthritis pain symptoms.

Myth #2: Only Cold Weather can Affect the Pain:


If you think that joint pain gets worse only when it’s cold or raining, you are partially wrong. Studies have shown that it is the changes in barometric pressure which leads to increase in pain. Especially those dealing with arthritis suffer from increased pain in their joints when the temperature changes suddenly.

Myth# 3: Pain is a Natural Part of Aging:

natural part of aging

Just like those gray hair and wrinkles, there are a few aches and pains which are a part of everyone’s life. However, chronic pain doesn’t have to be for sure. If you’re affected by chronic pain, you need to visit a doctor.

Myth#4: Minor pain can be ignored:

Minor pain can be ignored

If you are among those who believe that pain is something you have to live with, you need to learn that ignoring minor pain can be dangerous. Thus, the pain should never be ignored. It is often found that people get relief of the pain using the OTC medications. But it is not advised. You must visit your doctor if joint pain lasts more than a week or two.

In the end, if you have been surrounded with these, it is better to care for your joints ignoring them!