Explore the World Outside for a Better Health: Benefits of Ecotherapy

Even the idea of spending time in nature makes you feel better, isn’t it? The warmth of the sun, the sounds of the birds, the shade of the trees, and so on; all these are enough to attract you over and over again to step outside. Whenever you feel like doing nothing or you are stressed out completely, a short or long trip into the lap of nature is something which can help you feel instantly better.

With the passage of time, humans are now less connected with the nature. And somewhere or the other, it is a huge reason behind increasing number of diseases and diseased around the globe. Experts state that getting lost into nature helps reduced levels of stress, depression and anxiety. Other benefits include increased resilience, improved self-esteem and improved capacity to engage socially.

Well if you haven’t planned for something similar, you need to learn different benefits of Eco-therapy. Read on some of them here:

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D

So, you already know this. Sunlight and vitamin D sounds to be synonymous. But have you put efforts for them? Definitely, not! Thus, one of the major reasons and benefits of spending time outdoors is that it contributes to your good health when your body is the exposed to Vitamin D. This vital vitamin is responsible for many aspects of health. Its deficiency has been linked with a number of health issues like obesity, cancer, as well as some mental disorders, and much more. Although you will get supplemental Vitamin D easily, but your body deeply needs sun exposure to get adequate Vitamin D.



Do you get early in morning? Go for a brisk walk? Or perform yoga? No, because you are too busy. Then few days with nature can help you recover all that you missed out. Spending time in nature generally involves driving into the woods and includes some form of exercise. It could be anything rock climbing, canoeing, swimming, hiking, or any other form. The fact which remains constant is that these outdoor activities include some sort of movement. Hence, even if you aren’t getting enough exercise regularly, moving outdoors provides a chance for fun and exercise, altogether.

Fresh Air:

Fresh Air

Do you know that indoor air is up to 70 times more contaminated than the outdoor one? Yes, the reason behind is the plethora of chemicals and plastics present in your homes, more air-tight insulation, windows and doors, etc. Thus, when you go outside to spend some time outdoors, it allows you breathe in fresh air. Best places for this purpose could be like the beach or near waterfalls. Here you can smell the “freshness” in the air and feel the difference.

Eye Health:

Eye Health

Another surprising benefit of spending time outdoors is concerned with your vision. Nowadays the increasing number of eye problems, especially in children, forces you to choose this way out to treat it naturally. As stated above more amount of time spent on screen is one reason. In earlier days, the children used to spend most of their time outdoors. They were more interested in variety of colors, levels of brightness and depths. But now, they spend around seven to eight hours a day on computer or tablet screen, which results to an increase in nearsightedness. Take your kids out and gift them great eye health.

Nature has served with abundance of love and care. All you need to do is just push yourself to step outside of your closet and breather freely. This is something you can do for your good health, that too without investing a hefty amount. Share on your ideas to make the best out of your next visit outside!

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