how to reduce blood sugar level naturally without antibiotics

A survey carried out by Rajendra Prasad Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi between 2015-2019, has reported that the incidence of documented diabetes cases was 8 percent and fresh cases of diabetes were 3.8 percent.

Males have a higher incidence of diabetes (12 %) as females (11.7 %). Active diabetics represented 67.3% of volunteers, while 32.7% were emerging diabetics. The peak incidence of diabetes was 13.2% in the 70-79 age range. About 40 percent of reported diabetes has been identified 1-4 years earlier, while 5.3 percent of reported diabetes cases have been identified over the past one year, the study stated.

This should not come as news to you as India is home to more than 77 million people suffering from diabetics. India ranks second in the world in the race of this dreaded lifestyle disease. Who knew that almost one in six diabetic people in the world is an Indian?

Diabetes, in the simplest way, is a lifestyle issue. It is triggered by the lack of physical activity. Children as young as five years of age are diabetic and getting insulin injections on a daily basis. One needs to understand that although things are changing and transforming in warp speed, they should not forget the very essence of being a human.  A person who binges all day does no or little physical activity, have an unhealthy lifestyle, does not rest well, and indulges in heavy, greasy meals despite any workout or activity is sure to get in the trap of this dreaded disease.

As scary as it sounds, the cures can be found in the symptoms. Diabetes undoubtedly is life-altering and threatening. However, it can be cured and even reversed by adopting healthy lifestyle choices.  Increasing your physical activity can bring positive changes in your life when dealing with diabetes. But do you know what’s more important than exercise? It’s what you eat. Nutrition and diet play a vital role in reversing diabetes. Planning a healthy meal and following it regularly can regulate and maintain your blood glucose level. You must keep an eye on what you drink and eat all through the day while you take the medication for diabetes. Your blood sugar level is entirely dependent on how much you eat, when you eat, and what you eat.

Fortunately, Ayurveda Promotes diabetes Herbal remedies and solutions that that not only reverses diabetes but also keeps them at bay for life. These remedies are backed by international medical practitioners as well. Therefore you must not worry while incorporating them in your meals. The following are natural remedies to cure diabetes-

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can help diabetic patients to lower their blood glucose levels. It is rich in phytosterols, and this helps in regulating blood sugar levels. Juice and supplements derived from this cactus-like plant do wonders for A1C and blood sugar levels in people suffering from type two diabetes and prediabetes.

In an advanced series of studies with volunteers suffering from type two diabetes were given aloe vera supplements for 4 to 14 weeks. The results were splendid as their fasting blood sugar test decreased by 46.6 mg/dl. Their A1C dropped by 1.05%. For immediate, beneficial results- Drink a cup of aloe vera juice twice a day. For better results, Make sure the juice is unsweetened.


2. Jamun seed

Jamun is known to be an exceptionally good antioxidant that helps improve immunity. However, its best benefit is in its usage in treating and curing diabetes. This astringent and acidic fruit is rich in minerals. Not only the fruits and seeds, the bark and leaves of Jamun also help in regulating blood sugar levels and helps cure digestive disorders. Naturally, one cannot consume the seed as a whole; therefore, there are Ayurvedic supplements specially curated for diabetic patients that are enriched with the power and healing magic of Jamun. These supplements would boost insulin activity and production in the body. Whether you are non-insulin-dependent or not, these supplements would do wonders for you.


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3. Karela (bitter gourd) Juice

There are a lot of benefits of karela juice. Bitter gourd is enriched with momorcidin and charatin, which have a blood sugar lowering properties. This makes it a beneficial beverage for diabetics and prediabetics. The best part about karela juice is that it can be easily made at home-

  • Peel a karela and cut it from the middle
  • Remove the seeds and white flesh from the vegetable.
  • Chop them into small pieces and soak them in cold water for half an hour.
  • Take half teaspoon salt, lemon juice, and bitter gourd pieces and blend them into a fine consistency.
  • Strain the juice into your tumbler or glass while pouring the mixture from the blender.

4. Cinnamon

This pungent and sweet spice originates from tropical areas of South America, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean. Derives from the inner bark of the wild cinnamon trees.  It is often used in baking and cooking, but the most beneficial aspect of cinnamon is to improve blood sugar levels and enhance insulin sensitivity and activity. This works wonders for people with type two diabetes and high cholesterol; therefore, it is used to cure cardiovascular diseases as well.

Several research and studies have reported that type two diabetes can be reversed with the help of cinnamon. The test was conducted on volunteers suffering from type two diabetes and was given 1 g of cinnamon every day; this resulted in increased insulin sensitivity. Experts recommend 250 mg of cinnamon extract twice a day before meals. If you are consuming cinnamon supplements, then 500 MG twice a day would suit you. In case you are using cinnamon powder, consume it by adding half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a glass of warm water daily. One added benefit will be if you add a pinch of cinnamon to your smoothies, desserts, and teas.

5. Neem

Experts recommend better foods, mostly to diabetics, to cure diabetes. In this case, nothing’s better than neem. Neem acts as an effective solution for treating diabetes as they’re enriched with triterpenoid, glycosides, flavonoids, and antiviral compounds.

All these elements help in regulating blood glucose levels. You can consume it in the form of powder all you have to do is take some dried neem leaves and grind them until smooth in a blender. Consume this powder two times a day for maximum benefits.  It can also be consumed in the form of water all you need to do is

  • Take half a liter of water and add about 15 to 20 neem leaves in it. Boil the water for five minutes
  • As the leaves appear and soft, the water would slowly seem greenish in color.
  • Strain the water and store it in a tumbler. Drink the neem water twice daily.


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6. Ginger

Ginger induces the production of insulin in the body. Therefore, it can give fruitful results while combating diabetes. Studies have proven to sure that ginger has anti-diabetic properties. Along with this, low glycemic food like ginger can be easily incorporated in your daily diet. This would not only cure diabetes but would also keep it away for years to come. You can consume ginger in a variety of ways- You could grate it over your meals, sip on ginger tea every day, drink refreshing ginger lemonade, consume ginger infused water all day with small sips by adding a few pieces of ginger into water and leaving it overnight.


The natural remedies for diabetes mentioned above are not only backed by prominent pharmaceutical company in India and researchers but also recommended by our ancestors who have cured and reversed diseases and illnesses with the help of Ayurveda over the years right in the vicinity of their homes.

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