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Sugar Raksha

Sugar Raksha- Fight back the ‘sweetness’ that kills

To make the world free from the fear of diabetes, Alliaance Herbal steps forward with a super powerful remedy, Sugar Raksha. This unique fusion of the best medications from nature, in the most appropriate quantity produces results beyond compare!

Sugar Raksha


UVA Capsules for Stamina and Endurance

Sugar Raksha

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UVA Capsules for Stamina and Endurance

Why Sugar Raksha?

Do you know that India has an estimated 40.9 million individuals with diabetes? Moreover, this number is expected to reach all new heights by rising up to 69.9 million by the year 2025. To prevent this perilous ailment expand its root in our generation, it is important to put a full-stop on it right now.

Sugar Raksha is a blessing to those who are suffering from diabetes and want to liberate themselves from this disease.

  • It ideally controls the Sugar level and triglyceride level.
  • It restores the immunity of your body.
  • It reinforces the digestion and controls sugar cravings.
  • It shows positive effects in treatment of diabetes and blood sugar homeostasis.
  • It helps in reduction of blood cholesterol and body weight significantly.

Hence, if you are looking for comprehensive protection from diabetes and its complications, Sugar Raksha is the right solution.

It is now available at the minimum cost of Rs.500. Isn’t that great!

A little more about Sugar Raksha:

Recommended by the most ancient life science, Ayurveda, Alliaance Herbal makes use of the priceless herbs to prepare the outstanding treatment of diabetes, Sugar Raksha.

Gurmar Extracts: For centuries, it has been known to the world as “Sugar Destroyer”. It helps to maintain the blood sugar levels, triglyceride levels, blood cholesterol and much more. For the sugar patients, it controls their sugar cravings and absorption of carbohydrates. Regulating the appetite, it also promotes the regeneration of pancreas.

Jamun Giri: It has been used as an anti- diabetic medication all over the world and continues to heal the sugar patients even today. It is the only fruit with no calories and no traces of sucrose. Therefore, it helps in reduction of triglycerides, free fatty acids and blood cholesterol. Having blood purifying properties and ellagic acid, it is helpful in controlling the blood pressure of the patient too.

These ingredients are impeccable in controlling sugar level in human body, without leaving any side effects!