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Tips to Strengthen Your Immune System against Coronavirus

As more and more study is being done into the world-changing corona-virus, it is becoming increasingly clear that the whole thing rests on immunity. What started out as a hypothesis of the scientific and medical community is now an established fact. The catching of the virus and survival is linked directly to one’s immunity. This is why people with other diseases and a week immune system are worst affected by the virus.

Strengthening your immune system is therefore the best and only proven way to help you in these times. Keeping that in mind we wish to today share with you tips to strengthen your immune system against corona-virus. Let us see what it is you can do to achieve that.


Tips to Strengthen Your Immune System against Coronaviruse (1)

Keep your body hydrated

You may find this tip very obvious and yet a study finds that almost 80% of people live daily life in a near dehydrated state. The water consumption of most individuals is much lesser than necessary. Since most of us still drink enough water to feel alright physically but it has effects on our body unseen to us.

Affecting our immunity is one such effect that goes unseen for the most part by us. It is only in illness or bad health that this lack of water in our body becomes known and an issue.

Keeping this in mind, one of the easiest and simplest ways for you to boost your immunity is to simply keep your body well hydrated.  If your body has enough water to take care of its necessary processes internally, it can then work that towards building your immunity against foreign substances such as viruses.

The way to do so is simple. Keep a tab on how much water you intake daily by means of measuring in terms of bottles of water utilized. Keep your water bottle next to you at all times even when not doing physically exerting work so that you can keep taking sips and keep drinking the water. Also important is to remember to not count items that have water in them as a component towards water consumption since they have a different reaction and mechanism in the body.

Daily breathing exercises

One of the most overlooked and yet most crucial parts of our life that define each and every aspect of our health is the level of oxygen in our bodies and how each part of our body receives it well and adequately. This makes breathing the most important function our body performs irrespective of how much we think of it.

It has been seen that coronavirus affects our lungs directly, also that breathing difficulty is what leads to other problems for someone who catches the virus. This clearly points towards good breathing being a defense to coronavirus.

With this thought, focusing on breathing daily by practicing breathing exercises in your free time or making time for them. The way to go about this is singular. Every day take out the time to sit and focus on your breathing only. Leave any and all distractions aside and focus solely on breathing in and out. Once you have this concentration then work on breathing more deeply and for the requisite time rather than the shallow breaths most of us are used to in today’s time.

Immunity booster foods in the diet

After oxygen and water, the biggest body and immunity defining input in your body is the food you eat. We often give enough focus to eating a balanced diet where we take care of the body. This is a great first step as many in today’s time are struggling to achieve even a balanced diet in their day to day food intake.

The next step to this is to actively include in your diet food items that boost your immunity. This will help you be more prepared for coronavirus or keep it off entirely.

The question now becomes what these food items are and how are they effective. Let us see that.

  • Vegetable Juice

Vegetable Juice | Alliance Herbal

This food item does not necessarily bring to mind the pictures of the tastiest juices available but that’s the catch here. You don’t need to indulge in juice made of vegetables to the like to spinach or capsicum. When thinking of vegetable juices, think of carrots, or beetroots. Also, think of having juices of seasonal vegetables along with your meals.

The core idea here is not as much taste as it is the need of your body for the nutrients that come with this that help immunizes your body better.

The best way to consume these juices is to add a tablespoon of raw coconut oil or olive oil to it.

  • Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea | Alliance herbal

Tea in its definition is the leaves or some form of the leaves of specific planets that when boiled in water leave a certain taste and color. By this definition, almost all pure forms of tea are herbal tea.

The distinction is made out here in order to state that The regular tea that most of us are used to, with milk or cream and sugar or sugar supplements is not what is being spoken of here. When the purpose is to increase your immunity, pure herbal tea is what needs to accentuate your meals and daily routine. Take one or two cups daily in order to better your immunity.

  • Vitamin C rich fruits

There is enough data out that making the case out for eating fruits daily. Your diet must include fruits on a regular if not daily basis.

When we talk of increasing immunity the intent is to select and eat those specific fruits that help with immunity. These are fruits that are rich in Vitamin C. These fruits have proven effects positively on the immunity of the people who consume them.


In the end, it is crucial that you remember to find the right foods that you like consuming while also making the right choices to help yourself. Along with that, make sure you take herbal supplements to strengthen your immunity In these times of corona-virus, immunity is your biggest strength, and taking it lightly is not advisable.

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