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5 Joint Pain Herbal Remedies: Solution from the Nature’s Store

Herbal remedies for joint pain are not popular unnecessarily. There is a big reason behind! These are safe to use and bring forth the richness of the herbs in an unadulterated form. Let’s explore some natural herbs to keep your joints fit.

Have you ever paid attention to your joints to just know how dependent you are on them for every movement? Yes, joints are essential for all your activities, but somehow they are incredibly under-appreciated. You need to understand that life without joints is difficult, in fact next to impossible. Hence, caring for them is must as it has a huge impact on how comfortable you live.

Now when it is about caring, there is a lot you need to do. Ranging from the regular exercises to an appropriate diet, you have to put greater efforts to keep your joints healthy. Meanwhile, ayurveda- an ancient Indian system of medicine has something more to offer. Since ages, herbal remedies using the inherent power of different herbs have been used to treat pain in joints. Here is a list of some herbs trusted for joint health;

Emblica Officinalis (Amalaki):


Being a natural antioxidant, usage of this herb removes free radicals from the body and boost regeneration of cells. Simply increasing the body’s vitality, it strengthens immunity and keeps away blood related disorders in a natural way. The other major benefit of adding this herb to your routine is that it nourishes bones and teeth. Carrying -tonic, anti-diabetic, aphrodisiac, antipyretic, cardio cerebral and gastrointestinal properties, it can be used for good bone health.

Commiphora Mukul (Guggul):


It is well-known for its highly potent rejuvenating and revitalizing properties. Moreover, it has purifying and lipid- regulating properties. Hence, it is advised to the people with lower hemoglobin level. It has proved its versatility by showing positive effects in treating problems like arthritis, pre-menstrual syndrome, bloating and many more. While it boosts the levels of HDL cholesterol, it also offers antioxidant properties and promotes the metabolism.

Tinospora (Giloy):


Basically, it is an immune moderator and stands for elixir for long span life. Being highly effective in treating auto-immune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and gout, it is nowadays a major ingredient of all popular joint aid capsules.

Terminalia Chebula (Haritaki):


This one comes with wonderful health benefits. It helps anemia which occurs due to hemoglobin deficiency or red blood cell deficiency, and acts well in gastrointestinal ailments.

Agate (Akki Pishti):


One of the natural stores of calcium, agate is a wonderful heart tonic. Widely used for treating severe cases of heart and cardiac diseases, this rich in natural calcium herb renders wonderful results in osteoporosis and other low calcium states.

While these herbs work in their respective ways on pain, the herbal solutions like JOD Rakshak present the best combination to improve immunity, provide strength and enhance endurance, altogether. So, why go for any unsafe, chemical-based compositions when you have a safer option!

Learn how to Enhance your Overall Health with Ayurveda!

Being an ancient holistic healing system, ayurveda is known to diagnose and treat several ailments. Basically, it is a science which emphasizes on life and is said to be invented about five thousand years ago. With a focus on restoring stability through perfect diet, standard of living, exercise and purification, it includes a lot for body, mind and spirit’s well-being.

It is the one of the oldest and popular form of medicine known to world. When it is about natural and safe ways to live healthier and happier lives, ayurveda is the name trusted worldwide. It is considered to be a system of medicine, which was originated in India several decades ago and is based on different ways to prevent, manage, and treat health problems. There are numerous ways to keep the body in balance through ayurvedic treatments. Some of them are listed below, have a look:

Say ‘Hello’ to Sunlight:

Say ‘hello’ to sunlight

If you wish to stay healthy and fit in long term, sun can help you. You can perform yoga and other simple exercise in sunlight. Doing so will keep synovial fluids circulating in your joints, protecting you from stiffness and arthritis. While doing yoga regularly keeps you fit and active, sunlight act as a super stress buster, which also generates vital energy force. This one is especially for those who have long sitting hours and poor posture. You can go for three rounds of the sun salutation daily both the times, in the morning and evening.

Go Fresh, go Healthy:

Go fresh, go healthy

Do you feel more at stress these days? Well, it is not good for your mental health, but do you know how harmful it can be for your digestive system? Yes, this is due to an increase in adrenalin, which is produced in your body due to stress. If this problem left you more in worries, then the solution will definitely delight you! It is warm and freshly cooked food. Actually, a meal of warm foods needs less digesting and makes you feel satisfied. Hence, start cooking something fresh for yourself and your family.

Breathe in Fresh air, Breathe out Stress:

Breathe in fresh air, breathe out stress

Now you must be saying that what’s new in breathing? It is a vital activity of life, and you have been doing it well. But are you doing it right way? Yes, the right way. Ayurveda states that you must breathe through both nostrils, rather than through your mouth. It keeps your blood chemistry in a state of equilibrium. Try to take a deep breath whenever possible in fresh air. The reason being, when you use the full capacity of your lungs, it removes the accumulated carbon dioxide and make you more energized.

The Magic of Oiling:

The Magic of Oiling

You can use any natural oil for this purpose. The idea behind is quite simple, massaging oil brings immediate benefits. It can be use to improve the texture of your skin, boost healthy sleep, brings a radiant glow, and much more. As far as the right time to oil is considered, it is in the morning before you bath. Though you can opt for any oil including coconut, almond, etc., sesame oil is preferred because it is light and penetrates well. For maximum benefits, apply it in direction of the growth of the hairs.

Add Hot Water to your Routine:

Add Hot Water to your Routine

It is understood that today’s hectic working schedule doesn’t allow you to keep a regular check on your diet, exercise and much more. All this collectively leads to several disorders and general stress, called as ‘ama’, which accumulates in your body. Basically, it is the undigested food juice which when floats around your bloodstream becomes a reason of number of diseases. To fight back all these symptoms, there is a simple and easy solution in ayurveda. Just add hot water to your routine. Make it a habit to sip warm water about every half an hour throughout the day.

Making Meditation a Part of Life:

Making Meditation a Part of Life

Want to keep your mind and body fresh without putting many efforts? Then, sit down in a calm place and start meditating. You can start with 15 minutes, twice a day and take it to one hour gradually. It offers greater relaxation and ward off the effects of stress. The only thing you need to take care of is that you have to be committed and continue the practice daily.

Count on Triphala:

Count on Triphala

Just like the effortless method of meditation which works for you on the mental level, if you are yearning for a simple and easy way out to keep physically fit, triphala is the answer. Being a popular herb in the Ayurvedic scriptures, it is well known for its rejuvenating properties. With a long of list of uses, it is widely accepted to keep the colon cleansed and toned. Try it in powder or tablet form, and step toward better immunity, enhanced mental faculties and much more. Moreover, it slows the ageing process and serves all tissues of your body.
For most effective results, try having half a teaspoon with a cup of warm water before going to bed!

Wear your Natural Instinct:

Wear your Natural Instinct

Have you ever confronted with those urges your body intimate you about, from time to time? While some are easier to recognize, others are not. Ayurveda don’t recommend suppressing your physical urges like breathing, sleeping, urinating, defecating, coughing, crying, eating, drinking, ejaculating, vomiting and yawning. This means, it is sensible to express your urges appropriately. Hence, when you are sad, give time to cry out. It keeps you in balance.

Take a Deep sleep:

Take a deep sleep

In the hush rush of your life, it is understood that you don’t get enough time to take rest and sleep well. But do you know how much harm you have been doing to your body unknowingly? Ayurveda says that it is improper sleep hours which lead you to disease and the lack of rest which makes your senses switch off. The amount of your sleep your body needs will vary with your age. For example, the little babies sleep whole day long, and when you grow up, it is important to take a minimum sleep of 6 hours per night. Another thing you need to learn here is that Ayurveda doesn’t recommend sleeping during the day. It is the deep and regular sleep in the night hours which can help you build a healthy lifestyle.

Hear and Follow the Inner Voice:

Hear and Follow the Inner Voice

Besides the urges, to keep you balanced and centered, always follow and listen to that inner voice which warn and suggest you in all times. This will help you make better decision and stay happy in long run.