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Arthritis and Women in 40’s: What to Know

Arthritis is counted among one of the common elderly diseases found in adults age 65 or older.However, according to one survey, women are likely to develop arthritis in their 40’s.

For a quick refresher, arthritis causes pain and inflammation in joints. Joints connect the two bones and have a flexible connective tissue known as cartilage that protects the joints by absorbing the pressure and shock when you put excessive stress on them. The wearing out of cartilage due to age, injury or other factors increases the risk of arthritis. The common symptoms of arthritis are pain in joints, swollen joints, redness and decreased range of motion.

Coming back to the main topic, women are more vulnerable to arthritis than men. They are likely to be three to four time more frequently affected with rheumatoid arthritis, a type of arthritis, than men.

According to several studies, the symptoms are likely to occur in the 35-55 years of age group.

Many factors make women more vulnerable to arthritis than men.
Two of them are…

• Hormones:

The rate of osteoarthritis boosts significantly after menopause in women. Experts believe that it is the female hormone estrogen that causes arthritis.

• Bio-mechanics:

This is the way your body is structured that leads to risk for arthritis. Usually, women with wider hips are believed to have a significant effect on the alignment of their knees. This further leads to uneven stress on them, leading to osteoarthritis. Along with this, women also tend to have more flexible joints and hyper-mobility. These two factors add their contribution to the risk of arthritis.

What are the General Causes of Arthritis in Women Over 40’s?


As the body weight is carried by the leg joints and knees, the risk of putting excessive weight makes you the candidate for arthritis.


The joints are likely to wear away as they age, making the person vulnerable to getting arthritis.

Wrong Lifestyle:

If your job involves heavy lifting or repetitive joint movements and bending, you are at the risk of getting bone injuries or joint problems. And this could lead to arthritis over time. Plus, unhealthy eating habits add to the risk.

How You Can Manage and Prevent Arthritis in Your 40’s

Weight Management:

Excess body weight is one of the topmost reasons for arthritis. Therefore, you need to keep your body weight in check. This is more important as women are more likely to get obese as they age.
Losing extra weight is something you can do to prevent arthritis or manage the symptoms.
For this, you need to take care of your diet and do some workouts like walking.

Stay Hydrated:

Did you know that the cartilage in your joints is made up mostly of water? Hence, when your body is dehydrated, i.e. water gets sucked out of the cartilage; it becomes more easily damaged by wear and tear. So, you need to keep your cartilage healthy by drinking water throughout the day. Make sure you have at least 8 glasses of water daily.

Minimize the Use of High Heels:

High heels can trouble some people if worn regularly. This is because they can affect the body’s posture and increase pressure on the knee joints, ankle and foot, thereby increasing the risk of arthritis. Prefer more joint-friendly footwear.

Do Non-Impact Workouts:

Avoid high impact workouts like soccer or long-distance running as they put up a lot of stress on the joints. Switch to something lighter like water exercises, which will help you stay active and practice arthritis prevention.

Take Vitamin D:

Over 70-80% of Indians are deficient in Vitamin D. That’s why arthritis is on the rise among Indians. Vitamin D helps the bones absorb calcium that is important for bone health as well as muscle movement, nerve communication, and fighting inflammation. You can take Vitamin D from low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese, salmon and tuna.

To conclude, you can avoid the risk of arthritis or manage its symptoms by opting for a healthier lifestyle. See your doctor if you start experiencing the signs of arthritis. What do you think?

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