Shiv Kumar Gupta

Being a golf lover at heart, and now a poultry farm owner, my routine involves a lot of physical activities. Back in 1992 I got operated and after that I was suffering from joint pain. However, after using JOD RAKSHAK I feel more active and lead a pain free life. Now I can run and yes, play my favorite game- Golf. I am really happy with the results.

Shushma Gupta

For a housewife there is a list of work to do daily, that too without a leave. Few months back I started feeling tired and felt pain in my joints. Discussing with my friends, I came to know about the natural treatment of pain- JOD RAKSHAK. After using it for few months, I observed a greater and better change in my pain. It really worked for me. Pain is nowhere to be found. I am more active than before.

Parveen Garg

One of the most amazing things which happened to me after using JOD Rakshak is that I am no more dependent on my knee cap. Yes, now I can walk upstairs, practice yoga, and do much more that too without any help. I was in severe pain for more than 4 years. But from the time I am using JOD RAKSHAK regularly, pain just vanished!