Trouble-free ways to Treat Joint Pain Naturally!

You were walking downstairs, suddenly felt pain in your knees, and you weren’t able to walk just a single step…


Well if this happened to you recently, then you are among those millions of people from all over the world affected by joint disorders.

Do you know around 80% of the individuals over 50 years of age are suffering through joint disorder of one type or another? Yes, it is a big a number and with a big range of reasons, varying from obesity to heredity. It can be anything in your case including overexertion, high stress level, improper use of the joints, inappropriate diet, and much more.

Well whatever the reason might be, there are some easy natural solutions which are known to provide relief to your joint pain significantly. Have a look:

Devour on Carrots:

Devour on Carrots

When it is about joint pain, you must know that the carrots can be a savior. Yes, for centuries it has been known as one of the most effective remedy for aching joints. So, from today onwards grate a carrot in a bowl, squeeze half lemon juice on it and enjoy it raw or steamed, whatever you like. You can also sip carrot juice once a day. It simply nurtures the ligaments and relief from the pain significantly.

Count on Fenugreek Seeds:

Count on fenugreek seeds:

Another natural remedy that comes from the grandmother’s diary is with tiny fenugreek seeds. All you have to do is soak a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in clean water and leave it overnight. To treat joint ache, in the morning drain off the water and then eat these soaked seeds. Although this would be slightly bitter, however slowly the taste would change and pleasantly turn sweet as you chew.

A Warm Massage:

warm massage

Give your joints the pleasant tough of natural oil and it will greatly ease inflammation, relaxes your muscles and improves circulation. With warm natural oil massage your joints feel better. To start with, try the home remedy for joint pain in which you just need two tablespoons of mustard oil. Heat it up, and you can also add a whole clove of garlic. While oil heals the joints, the inflammation-fighting properties of clove help providing immediate relief. Make it a habit to massage your aching joints at bedtime.

Yoga will Help:

Yoga will Help

Sedentary routines, long sitting hours, wrong working posture, etc. are some of the major reason for joint pains. And it certainly discourages you from stretching and doing other physical activities. But restricting your movement will make the problem more severe. So, it is essential to put your hands on some gentle asana which help in contracting and relaxing of your. You can start from 15 minutes of stretching twice a day, say in morning and evening, and take it to more for healthy joints.

Go Herbal:


Nature has blessed with amazing herbs which are proficient in healing several physical disorders. As far as joint pain is considered, there are many herbs and spices which work instantly. Turmeric, ginger, chamomile, hops, guggul, shilajit, and many more are there in the list. Since chronic pain is often a combination of inflammation, you can consider buying herbal solution with solid combination formula. Try on Jod Rakhsak. With appropriate and adequate composition of Shudh Guggul, Shilajit and Ashwagndha, it works magically!

Remember, everyone is different and thus, the treatment for joint pain will differ. Though, it’s best to look for a medical practitioner who can tailor a program for your individual needs. In the meantime, these few tips and solution will help you heal the chronic pain naturally.

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