Your Guide to cure Arthritis at home in 2021

Only a person suffering from arthritis knows that the pain is not limited to joint pain. The challenges vary from your daily tasks to the way you look or the way society perceives you. You could be demotivated by the shape of your joints or the texture of your skin. Although others will not be able to notice it, it is not the most encouraging aspect of living with arthritis to see your body changing due to this health condition.

There are so many facilities, communities ordained to help people suffering from arthritis. Despite that, you are the only person who can manage arthritis exceptionally well. It’s you who can bring the change and transformation in your life while living with and not suffering from arthritis.

Of course, it would include medical professionals and a support system for assistance but you need to work as a team for a better you. You could monitor yourself every day and report it to your doctor for better treatment and results.

Among other challenges, there is a bigger challenge with the pandemic upon us. With most people staying indoors and working from home, you need to learn skills that could help you mentally and physically. This would include a lot of problem-solving methods and symptom management skills that you need to adopt and practice to help cure arthritis at home.

Since you’re going to spend a lot of time at home, you must learn how to carefully do all the daily chores so that you do not stress your joints.

This is only possible by good body mechanics and overcoming problem-solving inhibitions. Take a look!

Good Body Postures 

  • Your spine should be able to support you while remaining stable when you sit. So make sure you always use a rolled-up towel or firm pillows to support your lower back. Make sure to always keep your arms and shoulders relaxed when you sit. Make sure to always keep your wrist straight. Always choose to sit in a high chair with adjustable positions to sit straight and comfortably. Make sure to avoid neck strain while you read a book or use your phone.
  • When you stand, make sure to always stand straight. The correct position for your body while you stand would be to hold your shoulders back, bend your knees slightly, always stand with your feet apart, tuck your chin in, tighten your core muscles and keep your hips tucked. If you can’t stand straight for a longer time lean against a wall but don’t slouch.
  • While you sleep, make sure to maintain correct posture even then. If you rest on your back then use a cervical pillow. This would not stress your neck muscles. Refrain from using pillows under your knees. If you sleep on your side then use a body pillow to support your legs and arms.
  • When lifting something heavy on the ground level, lift it by bending your knees and gradually straightening your legs while you pick the object. Keep your back straight throughout. It would be best however to roll or slide the object if possible.

Weight Management 

  • Since most of your time will be spent indoors you will be leading a sedentary lifestyle mostly. This should be avoided. Weight gain would lead to more stress on your feet, back, hips, and knees. This would lead to severe joint pain and further damage. In fact, this is the best time to take charge and join a weight loss program that includes a proper diet and exercise regime. It would not only help you combat the symptoms but also increase your energy.
  • The way to a healthy weight loss is by striking a balance between your leisurely activities, cravings, and regime. Especially with arthritis, never overdo your exercises. Keep your day relaxed and well managed. At the end of the day, you should not feel exhausted or over-exerted.

Planning & Organizing 

  • If you stay alone, it would be best to keep the required tools and equipment at an accessible reach. Keep your storage areas organized.
  • It would be best to organize your day and pre-plan something such as meals and activities so that there is no last-minute inconvenience. Use more electric appliances so that you are not stressing your joints every time for a chore.
  • If you happen to have kids and a big family then give them duties such as sorting clothes in the laundry baskets or folding or dusting the house. Make sure that you do not do all the work by yourself.

Daily attire and activities 

  • You must always wear loose-fitting clothes. The larger the neck holes and armholes the better.
  • Shoes keep you active. So even if you are at home and handling routine chores, make sure to wear good walking shoes that possibly have a velcro closure.
  • Do not hold the newspaper to read. Make sure to lay it open on the table to easily read it.
  • Always use a footrest while sitting to support your joints.
  • Refrain from sitting for prolonged hours in areas with artificial cooling.

To conclude, it is challenging to remain home and treat arthritis. However, it is not impossible, all you need is a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle.  Amidst these challenges, Ayurvedic supplements for arthritis can be trusted along with your lifestyle changes to cure arthritis at home.

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